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eCommerce platforms benefit


Extend Visitor Stays with Playful Shopping

Make shopping a game that customers love to play, significantly increasing the time they spend on your site


Elevating Conversion Metrics

Empower shoppers to visualize products in real-world, enhancing confidence and satisfaction prior to purchase


Perspective Shift for Marketers

Allows marketing professionals to step into their customers' shoes, seeing their products as a consumer would, which is crucial for both potential buys and understanding reasons behind lack of interest.

Boost Satisfaction, Cut Returns

Equip buyers with thorough product insights and real reviews to ensure confident purchases

Enhancing Loyalty Expansion

Broad the base of loyal customers through personalized experiences

As a Result

Leads to Favorable Metrics Outcomes

  • Conversion Rate
  • CLTV
  • ROI for Marketing Campaigns
  • NPS
  • Return Rate
  • Engagement Metrics

C2C ecommerce / classifieds


ShopyFun Experience

Transform your platform into a destination where customers come for enjoyment and stay for shopping, blending entertainment with commerce


Cost-Effective Scaling

Amplify your marketing impact without increasing your ADS budget

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Rapid Deployment via JS/GTM

Implement our tool effortlessly, whether through direct JavaScript code or Google Tag Manager, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing infrastructure

Simplified A/B Testing

Effortlessly explore and understand the impact on your KPIs with our integrated A/B testing. No complexities involved

Comprehensive Analytics Suite

Choose from Open Web Analytics for customizable insights, Google Analytics for widespread compatibility, or opt for a streamlined experience without analytics based on your needs.

GDPR-Compliant Local Data Processing

Implement data processing within the same jurisdiction to avoid international transfer issues and comply with GDPR

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Choose how to handle anonymous user data

  • Retain to enhance service quality
  • Preserve for sharing features
  • Opt for full privacy by not storing any data


Why are AR integrations so popular in ecommerce?

AR integrations in e-commerce are popular because they enhance online shopping, allowing customers to visualize products in their space, leading to more confident purchases and reduced returns.

Is INSTANTRY different?

Instantry sets itself apart by offering AR stickers that are customer-friendly and can be integrated into any e-commerce site within 30 minutes, without incurring additional costs. This unique feature enhances the shopping experience by making it more interactive and immersive, aiming to increase engagement and conversions on e-commerce platforms.

What exactly does INSTANTRY do?

Instantry enables customers to try on products in their own environment using mobile devices without the need for installing an additional app. This feature enhances the shopping experience by allowing users to see how products look in their space or on themselves directly through their mobile browser, making the shopping experience more interactive and personalized.

Who can run INSTANTRY?

Instantry is designed to be user-friendly and can be operated by e-commerce businesses of any size. Businesses looking to enhance their online shopping experience can easily integrate Instantry's solutions, requiring minimal technical expertise and no additional software installation for their customers. Complete our form for a complimentary product evaluation. Our experts will review your offerings at no cost, ensuring you receive valuable feedback without any financial commitment.

Is INSTANTRY an e-commerce app you have to install?

NOPE. Instantry is a SaaS solution for e-commerce sites, offering augmented reality (AR) stickers to enhance the shopping experience for all mobile users. But you can install the Instantry browser for iOS and freely try on products from any website. Enjoy shopping with Instantry today.

How much does INSTANTRY cost?

Enjoy the flexibility of our pricing model starting with 1,000 transactions absolutely free. Beyond that, choose from our tier-based, pay-as-you-go pricing or opt for our cooperative model, where you only pay a success fee. With Instantry, you pay in a way that best suits your business needs.

How do I get started with INSTANTRY?

Simply fill out the form on our website to receive all the necessary instructions for integration.

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    Free Plan

    Ideal for small-scale operations, offering services at no cost for up to 1000 customers per month


    Success fee plan

    Instantry fee is only 3 percent from sales BOOST



    Tier-Based Pricing

    A scalable, pay-as-you-go option tailored to match your business's growth and usage levels.

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